Coping with a divorce is not easy. Whatever might be the cause behind the separation and whether you preferred it or not, a divorce can turn your whole realm upside down and can hurt a person emotionally. This article discusses some relevant tips that can prove to be extremely helpful for newly divorced couples:

  • People who have undergone divorce recently feel many conflicting emotions like anger, confusion, resentment, sadness, relief and fear. It’ h important to recognize and accept these feelings. While these emotions will often be agonizing, trying to ignore them will simply lengthen the grieving process.
  • Don’ t dwell on the negative feelings or over-analyze the bad situation. Getting trapped in morbid feelings like anger, plus resentment will rob you of valuable energy and prevent you motionless forward in life. You must try to move ahead in life and accept the new problems of life.
  • When you are married to a person, you have a lot of hopes and dreams. It’ h hard to lose those dreams. You must remind yourself that you still have a life ahead of you and new expectations and dreams can eventually change your old ones.
  • When you go through a separation you may be enticed to find a way to relieve your pain and loneliness. But using alcoholic beverages, drugs, or food for moving your time can prove to be damaging in the long run. You must try to find healthier ways of relaxation plus coping with painful feelings.
  • Apart from socializing there are plenty of other ways of entertainment. Movies, music, books, web, indoor games, sightseeing and sport are some of the most popular modes of entertainment. Try to create new interests and activities. Pursuing hobbies provide you with a chance to enjoy life rather than dwell on earlier times.
  • When you’ lso are going through the stress of a divorce there exists a chance of losing your healthy behavior. You might find yourself not eating at all or overeating junk foods. It might become tougher to find time to exercise due to the added pressures of home management. Due to depression you might also lose your rest. You must consume proper diet, exercise regularly and sleep for atleast eight hours.
  • Never try to take your frustration out on children. This can not only strain your relation with them but will also have a morbid impact on their personality.

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6 Responses to “Important Advice For Coping With A Divorce”

  • tjpimpin:

    7 years, very important years of my life (age 16-22), with all the ups and downs, that ended a week ago….I could write details for forever!

    Bottom line:
    I am not asking how to fix this. It can’t be.
    I am just asking how to heal my broken heart and shattered soul.
    The attachment and bonds, the unified life we shared molding together through those delicate formative years of my life. Having few close friends, because we had each other.

    How do I get over him? When will I get over him?
    An important factor that will PROBABLY make me getting over him a little bit easier, for the last few months, I have been so disgusted, annoyed, that we have not been intimate, and I have been brainstorming ways to break up with him. But still “knowing” it will never happen, thinking I only thought those things out of anger, and figuring and HOPING things will get better.

    It happened so suddenly. And it HAPPENED! When I thought it never would.

    How do I cope? I have few friends. How do I survive? How do I get a new boyfriend (eventually), how do I fight the urge to check his call history and snoop through his myspace? How do I keep from calling him?

    What makes this harder is that he hasn’t tried to contact me, and I know for a fact he was at least hanging out with a girl late last night. Which fuels me to get over him, but destroys my heart even more.

  • Erin:

    My husband wants us to seperate, we’ve had a rocky relationship after our 1st baby was born. I’m currently 6 months pregnant and I feel so overwhelmed. I hat the fact that my unborn baby feels what I do. :(
    I need some advice

  • kerrin marz:

    My parents are getting a divorce. It’s my freshman year of high school and now I have to move. I’m really depressed, but I can’t talk to them about it without them saying “I know how” you feel or “life goes on” because they haven’t got a clue how I feel. When they argue about themselves or my older brother (who’s having a hard time with school) they drag me into. I try to stay pretty rational, but I have the urge to tell them to go fuck themselves whenever they say I have an attitude problem. It’s like their comairing frost to an entore hail stom, The worst has yet to come. What advice do you have for me to help me cope with moving and arguements with my parents.

  • everydayGuitarist:

    All across the country and even around the world, everyone is stunned by the elementary school tragedy. When I see the fathers on TV today mourning the loss of their children, I think of my own situation. I think of the loss of contact with my two biological sons (16 and 17) and my stepdaughter (24). I think of the fact that everybody in the world believes that fathers are very important for their children, except my ex-wife Maria. If you were to ask her if she thinks that fathers are important, she will tell you to your face “Yes.” But, the minute the interview is over, Maria would go right back to thinking the same old way.

    Maria only thinks of me as providing a tiny sperm cell 17 years ago. That is ancient history to her. To her, I have no relevance in the present. She has some kind of mental block that prevents her from seeing the value that fathers have to their children. She has devalued me and the father of Maria’s daughter as well. I can’t communicate with my kids because the only way to contact them is through her cell phone. And whenever I have called her, instead of putting my kids on the phone, she insults me, such as calling me a bad father, and asks me for more money in addition to what I am already paying in child support. She won’t let me have my sons’ cell phone numbers or email addresses. She has also forbidden them to give me the information. She told me that her reason is because she thinks that I will say bad things about her to the kids.

    This is so frustrating for me. I’ve tried talking with her. That doesn’t work. I’ve tried taking her to court. That doesn’t work. {That’s difficult because 10 years ago, she moved from New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale (1300 miles)}… I don’t have a criminal record and I don’t intend to get one by hurting Maria. But, she is lucky that I am a moral person who won’t beat her up because if she did these things to some other guys, she would find out what it feels like to get her *** kicked.

    But I know Maria. You can’t trust her. You have to be really careful with what you say to her. She’s lied many times to the court to obtain restraining orders against me and her ex-husband, the father of her daughter. Maria is the most dangerous liar I know of because she can get you in trouble even if you didn’t do anything. Her ex-husband told me that “She put so many restraining orders on me that every time I turned around, there was another restraining order!”

    How can I cope with this apathetic control freak?

  • evangldbrg:

    I got married at age 25 to my college sweetheart and we divorced when I turned 27. The result was me forcing a marriage to someone who didnt want to be married in the first place,so I filed divorced and decided to go on with my life. Problem is when we got married I went all out and had this HUGE wedding with lots of family and friends! It was nice! But the fact that Im now divorced it pretty emberrassing! I want to hide and not explain to ppl what happened…Even though I learned my lesson. Im pretty depressed about the whole divorce thing..and Im so depressed that I have lost 2 jobs with in the past year… I dont know how to move on or cope with this…I dont even date anymore. Im ashamed this has happened to me…and I dont want to feel this way… Any advice on how to move forward?

  • Dom L:

    I am 20 and i am dating a 32 year old. he is married and has 2 kids but he says he is not together with her and hasnt been for some time now. he loves his kids very much and doesnt want to lose them and his wife tells him she will take the kids and disappear if he divorces her for me. he is going to hire a lawyer to see if she can really do this because she has the affair against him. we are very much so in love and i dont know what to do. i am NOT a homewrecker. i am a good person who fell for a man with a lot of baggage! part of me whats to leave him so he doesnt have to lose any custody of his kids because it would devistate him but the other part of me says to stay with him because we are in love and i dont want to lose him. ahhh im so torn, i dont know what to do. help!

    i dont need people bashing me for this either i want real answers. i would love to hear from someone who has been thru a similar situation.

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