Friendship day a day therefore special in itself is celebrated in the most unique and popular way all over the world. This day is celebrated simply by all age groups of people, plays an important function because it is a day dedicated for companionship. Friendship is one of the purest relations about this earth and a person who lives in this world without friends indeed lives a sad and lonely life.

On the friendship day, friends meet each other and tie rings. They gift each other and refresh all their old memories. Every friend waits for this day as it retains an important position in his or her life. A great way of wishing friends on this day would be by expressing love to them via SMS. Text messages have always proven to be the best option intended for expressing love and inner emotions.

So , if your friend is angry with you on companionship day you very well how to cheer his or her mood. All you need to do is simply send a text message either out of your cell phone or from a free TEXT MESSAGE website. There are good valuable communications, quotes, available on friends, and companionship. These messages if sent are sure to make your friend feel appreciated and happy.

The particular below mentioned are some text messages that you could send to your loving friends this friendship day:

Close friends forever we shall stay,

Friend in need, all of us shall be,

No matter what attempts to separate us,

all of us shall always keep in touch.

Friends like us are uncommon in this world,

Friends like us are not found often ,

Friends like us die for each other,

plus Friends like us keep companionship forever.

A friend is someone who listens to your stories,

a friend is someone to kill all your worries,

a buddy is sweet just like you are;

a friend is brighter than any other star.

Real friends are like mornings, u can not have them the whole day, but u can be certain, they will be there when u wake up tomorrow, next year and forever.

FRIENDSHIP isn’ t just how U forget but how U forgive,

Not just how U listen but how U Understand,

Not exactly what U see but how U feel,

and not just how U Let Go but how U hold on!!!


Friendship is a priceless gift

that cannot be bought or sold,

but to have an understanding

friend is far more really worth than gold.

These are some friendship SMS, which can be sent to close, best, and old, their peers on this special friendship day. You can even send SMS greetings using the many free SMS websites on the internet simply. Thus, have fun and make the coming friendship day the most memorable one particular.

5 Responses to “Send Friendly Messages on Friendship Time”

  • krow147:

    The woman is known success story in NYC. I am a have who is married to a wonderful woman. I just wanted to congratulate the woman in NYC for her successes and to say hi and let her know where I am at in life today.

    I messaged her through Facebook yesterday and have not heard back from her yet. I have not expectations whatsoever, I am just a friendly and outgoing people person.
    EDIT: Cassie, this woman lives in NYC, I live in Houston and am happily married. Contrary to your assumption, I am not trying to start anything. I was just giving her a shout out and how I stumbled upon her on the net (because she is high profile). My subject line read: small world. I let her know how I happened upon her and almost did not recognize her then it registered.

  • DuckieM10:

    alright so this girl i liked turned me down when i told her i liked her… but she liked me a few months prior to that… and had then said that shed go to prom with a guy that she doesn’t expect a relationship from…

    anyways, i just wanna know if she still likes me, or not so i can move on…. and i was going to send her this note… is it a bad idea? i really value our friendship… but id like her more as my gf.

    so here is what im going to say…

    Hey ____, nice talk the other day. J
    yes, I am fine, BUT, I just need to ask you a few questions… if u don’t wanna answer them, its ok, but id really like it if u could be totally honest.

    1st, im sorry for getting mad at u, but you gotta see what a slap in the face it was… if you had told me u and this guy were already taken for prom when I told u I liked you, it would have at least made sense to me …. All this time I have been second guessing myself and trying to see what I did wrong/what signs I read wrong from u.

    2nd, do you still like me like u did b4 summer? If not, that’s ok, I still like you, but if you don’t share those feelings, im fine, but I need to know so I can move on…. It wont ruin our friendship, I still really wanna stay friends with you, but I gotta move on if u aren’t interested, and its just not cool to lead ppl on {not sayin you are}, so please, let me know one way or the other. Whatever your choice is, I still really want to stay friends…

    Those are the 2 big ones _____…. Answer them honestly, it wont hurt me… trust me! Thx a lot! J

    WIll this ruin our freindship? i really need to know these answers though. Every time i actually talk to her in person, i have trouble putting these into words… but would it be better saying that face to face than through a note on facebook??? HELP!

  • rndmaktn:

    I have a friend who did something that bothered me and I told her (nicely) that it bothered me and would prefer that she not do it again. (She made a derogatory comment about our age and appearance.) She responded by getting upset and sulking. A few weeks later she started talking to me again, but then sent me an instant message that she had missed me and was glad we were talking again, and that I had really hurt her feelings. In that time I wrote the friendship off as more of an acquaintance, simply because it seems like a nice part of a friendship to be able to communicate about these things without getting shunned for two weeks. Keep in mind that I am 40 and she is 51, so we’re not teenagers. Anyone experience this kind of behavior from friends? I plan to still be friendly to her, but cool it down a bit to a more casual level. I think she may have a histrionic personality which means stuff like this will happen in the future.

  • Keegan:

    I seem to get the neatest e-mails about frienship,or funny things…where do they come from i mean is someone sitting at a computer somewhere generating these or is there some web site where yoou can find e-mails to send your friends???

  • Mathew:

    Ok so I’m 30+ and I’m secretly smitten for a man at my church. He and I and talk a lot and his hugs are the best. He has no idea that I’m crazy for him. The other day I sent him a Facebook msg thanking him for his Facebook msg and he responded with “if you ever need help with anything let me know……all you have to do is ask me” My question does this message sound like he is being coy and giving hints or is he just being nice.

    I can’t just come out and tell him how I feel because until I know he feels the same way I can’t risk an awesome friendship.

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